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Benefits of peanuts on the human body

A big advantage !
I. Fill up .
Second, as a snack .
Third, look carefully !
Peanut (Arachis hypogaca L) legume Alias: peanut, peanut , nuts originating in Brazil, Peru, is also known as Fan beans. Ming Dynasty into China Fujian . Tropism of taste : sweet , flat, spleen , lungs. Function: spleen and stomach, kidney Lee to the water , qi through milk, governance of various blood.
Fourth, the effectiveness of attending .
Xingpi and stomach, lungs and phlegm, nourish breathing, Qingyan ended
Cough . Indications of malnutrition, eat less frail , dry cough with little sputum, hemoptysis, nose and teeth bleed
Nosebleed , skin purpura, athlete's foot , less maternal milk and other illnesses .

Five nutrients.

Per 100 g of water containing 7.3 g , protein 24.6 g ,
Fat 48.7 g , carbohydrates 15.3 g , crude fiber 2.1 g , ash 2
Grams , 36 milligrams of calcium , phosphorus 383 mg, 2 mg iron , and the other containing peanuts
Carotene 0.04 mg, 1.07 mg thiamine , riboflavin 0.11 mg,
9.5 mg niacin .

Six therapeutic effect

1 . The promotion of human growth and development in peanuts high calcium content and calcium is constitutive
A major component of the human skeleton , so eat peanuts, can promote the growth of the human body

2 . Promote cell growth , improve intelligence peanut protein containing a dozen people
Body required amino acids, including lysine can improve children's intelligence, glutamic acid and
Aspartic acid may promote cell growth and enhance the brain's memory capacity.

3 . Anti-aging , anti premature peanuts contained in the human body with catechin
There is a strong anti-aging effects , lysine is also important to prevent premature aging
Points. Eat peanuts, beneficial to human aging, so the peanut has " longevity
Fruit , "said.

4 . Lungs cough peanut oil is rich in fat , can play Run
The role of the lungs cough , commonly used in cough , asthma, expectoration of blood and other illnesses.

5. Coagulation hemostasis Peanut oil and contains vitamins, and contain
There are so clotting time shortened substances that can fight the dissolution of fibrin , promote
Bone marrow to produce platelets function of various bleeding disorders , not only bleeding
Role , but also for the treatment of primary disease have a certain effect on human hematopoietic function
Benefits . "

6. Prevention of coronary heart disease in peanut oil containing large amounts of linoleic acid , a substance
The human body can break down cholesterol to bile acids excreted. Avoid cholesterol in the body
The deposition and reduce the incidence of high cholesterol can prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis
Technology .

7 . AIDS through blood peanut milk is rich in fatty oils and proteins , on the production of
After the milk is insufficient, nourishing blood, nourishing milk effect.

8. Peanut prevention of colorectal cancer in the fibrous tissue of human soluble fiber can be eliminated.
When technology absorption, will absorb liquids and other substances like a sponge , and then expanded into
Tapes body excreted with the feces . When these objects through the intestinal tract , and many
Contact with hazardous substances absorb certain toxins , thereby reducing the volume of harmful substances in the body
Deposit and the resulting toxicity , reduce the chance of colon cancer . 1

Seven , health recipes

1 . Adzuki bean soup carp peanut peanuts 200 grams , 120 grams of red bean ,
Carp 1 . Peanuts , red bean were washed, drain to the water ; carp
Caesarean section to the scales and intestines ; peanuts , red bean and governance with the release of a net of carp
Large bowl ; addition of wine , a little salt , with the fire stew , until boiling , change
Peanut stew over low heat overripe . The soup with spleen and stomach , water swelling of
Effect. Suitable for physically weak due to malnutrition, edema , dysuria and other chronic diseases
Suffering .

2 . Peanut porridge 50 grams of peanuts , mulberry , sugar 15 grams . Take full
Wash full of peanuts , drain to the water , mulberry pick impurities ; peanut Mega water burn
Boiling , who mulberry and sugar, a small fire and cook until thoroughly cooked, go mulberry leaves , the rest of clothes
Food. This porridge has a cough and asthma, laxative effect . Is Dryness cough, wheeze
Onset asthma , whooping cough, large easy to knot the adjuvant treatment of conditions such as good food .

3 . Peanut soup jujube jujube 50 grams, 100 grams of peanuts , brown sugar fitness
Amount . Jujube washed with warm water , pitted ; peanuts boil it, after the cold
Stripping clothes ; the dates and Peanut on the pot , added water boiled peanuts , and then
Add the right amount of water, stir and boil after use , a small fire to cook for about half an hour Jiong ;
Peanut remove , add brown sugar to melt, the sauce . The soup has a strong body of Qi,
Blood hemostatic efficacy . Apply to blood deficiency caused by stomach eat less fruit , short breath lack
Force and various bleeding disorders .

4 . Groundnut peanut rice porridge 50 grams, 100 grams of rice , sugar fitness
Amount . Wash the peanuts and rice , add water and cook , after the switch to gentle boiling , porridge will become . Shaozhu can release the rock candy . The porridge with spleen appetizers, nourishing milk efficacy for askance virtual anorexia, anemia and feeble, inadequate post-partum milk and other illnesses. Often eat a tonic effect.
[Note ] Peanuts are rich in fats , body dampness stagnation and intestinal smooth vent who should take it ; eat moldy peanuts.

Eight , peanuts can protect the heart, health effects are re- understanding.

Peanut loved again , mainly because researchers have confirmed : Peanut is a healthy food . On the one hand , the U.S. dietary guidelines published by the federal government to inform the people , the vast majority of the fat contained peanuts are unsaturated fatty acids , and cholesterol-free . This not only does not like fatty acids , like saturated fats clog arteries , but there are " arterial street sweeper " in the world , can significantly reduce total cholesterol and bad cholesterol , cardiovascular diseases have a good preventive effect.

In addition , peanuts are rich in folic acid , dietary fiber , arginine , also can play a protective effect on the heart . Famous professor of nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania School Ni Boshi experimentally proved : olive oil can reduce the probability of occurrence of cardiovascular disease by 25% , edible peanut oil and peanut products can be reduced by 21% , a difference is not too far away. Therefore , residents of the American Heart Association strongly advocated eating peanut oil, olive oil is relatively higher prices , the former is more welcomed by consumers . In addition , the Harvard study also showed that if Banchi eat a spoonful of peanut butter or peanuts every day , you can put the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 21 % -27 %.

Nine , peanuts and lose weight.

For the " eat peanuts will not get fat " question a lot of people are concerned , the experts explained: Peanut threat of obesity is not large, if eaten in moderation , but also play a slimming effect. Because it is a high -calorie, high-protein , high- fiber foods can increase satiety , which is commonly referred to as "comparative anti- hunger ." According to the research , peanut -induced satiety is 5 times that of other high-carbohydrate foods , eat peanuts after relatively reduce the need for other foods , reducing total body heat to learn , to achieve the effect of weight loss

Ten, peanuts and stomach treatment.

Recipe a ( treatment of stomach preparation method ) ; First 0,5 kg of honey to the pot into a bowl with the 125-150g boiled peanut oil or soybean oil to eliminate foam up , then be poured into a bowl of honey , stir you can , take a spoon for 20-30 minutes before meals . sooner or later each time, avoid alcohol and spicy.